Bogged harvester recovery video now available

Preparation is key: the recovery of a harvester can be tricky and potentially dangerous.


09 NOVEMBER 2022

Video: Spray drone demonstration

A swarm of spray drones can work together to complete tricky spray jobs.

Drones and Sensors

12 JUNE 2020

Video: How to use a chassis punch set

Josh Giumelli shows us an interesting piece of gear: a chassis hole punch.

Farm equipment

11 AUGUST 2019

Video: How to cut gasket paper

Josh Giumelli talks about what's always handy to have in any workshop: gasket paper

Farm equipment

08 AUGUST 2019

Video: How to identify threads

From the Workshop tips are back and Josh Giumelli gives us quick and easy tips to identify threads

Farm equipment

06 AUGUST 2019

Video: How to clean threads

We're back in the shed with some more Workshop tips

Farm equipment

25 JULY 2019

Video: Button dies explained

Josh Giumelli runs through the differences

Farm equipment

24 JULY 2019

Video: Punches

Josh Giumelli runs through some of his favourite tools

Farm equipment

17 JULY 2019

Video: Workshop Presses

Josh Giumelli runs over a few things to look for if you're buying a workshop press for your farm!

Farm equipment

16 JULY 2019

Video: Save time with digital inflation

Save time, especially on large truck or tractor tyres

Farm equipment

09 JUNE 2019

Video: Farmer of the Year 2018

Opening address by Hon. David Littleproud


01 JUNE 2019

Video: Tracked Tractor Challenger MT700

Learn about the new Challenger MT700 features like upgraded suspension


12 MAY 2019