Video: Bluetooth Earmuffs Review

There is a lot to like about the concept of Bluetooth earmuffs, but which one suits you best?

Farm equipment

31 JANUARY 2019

Video: How we test SP boom performance

Engineer Josh Giumelli explains some of the test kit we use on SP boomsprays.


22 NOVEMBER 2018

Video: On the road inspecting mother bins

Half a dozen makes of mother bin were recently inspected by the Kondinin Group research team.


15 NOVEMBER 2018

Video: new utes hit the test track

Putting utes through their paces

Farm equipment

25 OCTOBER 2018

VIDEO: Kondinin Group launches Ask An Expert

Ever had a question for one of the team of Kondinin Group researchers?

Research team

27 MARCH 2018

VIDEO: Hino a safe 4x4 option

Kondinin Group's Mark Saunders and Ben White took the vehicle for a test drive

Farm equipment

09 MARCH 2018

VIDEO: Matson Bluetooth battery monitor

Handy gadgets for battery diagnostics

Latest Releases

05 FEBRUARY 2018

VIDEO: Diesel injector testing

How to perform a basic service on diesel injectors at home

From the workshop

24 JANUARY 2018

VIDEO: Kondinin Group visits Agritechnica

The team live in Germany for one of AG's biggest event

Research team

24 NOVEMBER 2017

VIDEO: Save time with self-drilling screws

We look at the humble Tek screw and how to choose the right type for different jobs

From the workshop

17 NOVEMBER 2017

VIDEO: Dewalt releases new battery chainsaw

Our researchers test the Dewalt 54V XR Flexvolt

Research team

01 NOVEMBER 2017

VIDEO: Optimise front for light crop harvests

Sharp knife and extended sweep important to ensure crop is cut and gathered in light crops


09 OCTOBER 2017