VIDEO: New fencing products hit the market

The cost of fencing is as much about the time taken to erect it as it is about the materials

Research team


VIDEO: Custom inserts for tidy toolboxes

Tidy toolboxes save time and frustration, but in practice, it is not always easy to achieve

From the workshop

25 AUGUST 2017

VIDEO: Smart grain storage setups

The Kondinin Group team investigates grain storage systems

Research team

11 AUGUST 2017

VIDEO: Researchers test the big guns

Nut busting torque tested

From the workshop

23 JUNE 2017

VIDEO: Air commodity carts

We look at large-scale air seeder carts, or commodity carts and how they've been part of seeding

Research team

19 JUNE 2017

VIDEO: Fendt's 500hp tractor hits the paddocks

Kondinin Group's Mark Saunders was there to drive the beast


09 JUNE 2017

VIDEO: Do you know a farmer worthy of recognition?

Searching the country for farmers and farming families who demonstrate innovation, sustainability and...

Research team

19 MAY 2017

VIDEO: Fronting up in the paddock

See the Kondinin team on location researching harvester fronts

Research team

21 APRIL 2017

VIDEO: Technology Review - Cel-Fi Go

See the latest in-car repeater for remote and regional Australia

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27 MARCH 2017

VIDEO: Gas cylinders - we do the sums

Anyone who has stared at their empty workshop gas bottles and wondered if there was a cheaper option...

From the workshop

15 MARCH 2017

VIDEO: Research Report Preview - mobile phones

We test mobile handsets from a farmer's point of view

Research team

17 FEBRUARY 2017

VIDEO: Diesel-electric harvester

The future and past combined

Research team

30 JANUARY 2017