GRDC releases updated herbicide manuals

GRAINS Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has released updated editions of its two key herbicide manuals for Australian grain growers.
GRDC releases updated herbicide manuals GRDC releases updated herbicide manuals GRDC releases updated herbicide manuals GRDC releases updated herbicide manuals GRDC releases updated herbicide manuals

GRDC has updated is essential herbicide manuals. Photo courtesy of GRDC.

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The manuals entitled "Soil behaviour of pre-emergent herbicide in Australian farming systems" and "Understanding post-emergent herbicide weed control in Australian farming systems", first published in 2019 and 2020, have been revised to incorporate the latest in herbicide research and practice.

Updates include the transition to an international number system for herbicide mode of action, which aligns Australian agricultural practices with global standards and ensures Australian farmers and agronomists have access to the most current and relevant information.

GRDC manager of chemical regulation, Gordon Cumming, said notable additions are new modes of action such as Group 13 bixlozone (Overwatch), Group 23 carbetamide (Ultro), Group 30 cinmethylin (Luximax), Group 32 aclonifen (in Mateno Complete), and Group O napropamide (Devrinol).

"These additions highlight the growing range of pre-emergent herbicide options available to Australian growers in managing weed challenges," Cumming said. 

"The post-emergent herbicide manual has seen fewer changes, with minor improvements in understanding certain herbicide modes of action, however, new research improving our understanding of the Group 10 herbicide glufosinate has been included, which is an increasingly important non-selective knockdown herbicide."

Independent Consultants Australia Network (ICAN) senior consultant, Mark Congreve, said both manuals aim to simplify the complex interactions of herbicide chemistry with environmental conditions.

"They are valuable resources for agronomists, researchers and growers, providing insights into the behaviour of herbicides under various conditions, the interaction of different products, application techniques, crop safety, and environmental dissipation," Congreve said.

Complementing these manuals and in collaboration with ICAN, GRDC offers specialised workshops to further assist agronomists in putting this information into context. The 1.5-day workshops focus on the principles of herbicide biochemistry and their practical applications.


Details of the workshops can be found at ICAN Rural.

Download the updated manuals below: 

 ‘Soil Behaviour of Pre-Emergent Herbicide in Australian Farming Systems' manual

Understanding Post-Emergent Herbicide Weed Control in Australian Farming Systems' manual

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