Titan rolls out huge tyres

Titan Australia has started to introduce its huge Low Side Wall (LSW) tyres which can be used on large-scale broadacre tractors as an option instead of tracks or dual wheels.
Titan rolls out huge tyres  Titan rolls out huge tyres  Titan rolls out huge tyres  Titan rolls out huge tyres  Titan rolls out huge tyres

Titan Australia now supplies massive 1400mm wide Load Side Wall tyres. Picture courtesy Titan Australia.

Mark Saunders

The Titan offering includes 10 sizes of LSW tyres, starting from a 480/70R54 up to the huge 1400/30R46 (that's a tyre which is 1400mm wide).

Titan Australia presented information on the LSW tyres at the Tractor and Machinery Association this month where its tyre specialist Scott Sloan said the LSW design allows a larger rim diameter and smaller side wall than a standard tyre while maintaining the same outside diameter, inflation pressure and weight load capacity.

Sloan said the automotive industry provided good evidence of the trend towards low side wall tyres.

"The large sidewall tyres tend to flex and sway, especially as agricultural equipment is getting larger and more powerful," Sloan said.

"And this can lead to reduced performance, loping and power hopping on tractors."

The 1400s have an ideal operating pressure of 40psi and are rated at 14,545kg. The big tyres are also rated to travel at 64km/h.

Kondinin Group hopes to see some of the tyres in the flesh in the coming months and more information can be found in the August edition of Farming Ahead magazine.

More details: www.titanaust.com.au

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