East coast drenched by heavy rains

RECENT heavy rain in eastern Australia has sparked some opportunity cropping activity in areas such as Dalby, Queensland.
East coast drenched by heavy rains East coast drenched by heavy rains East coast drenched by heavy rains East coast drenched by heavy rains East coast drenched by heavy rains

There has been widespread rain in the eastern states coastal areas as well as some regional areas of Queensland and NSW. Image courtesy BOM.

Staff writer

The rain, which has seen 100-200mm in gauges for the past few weeks, and even more in shorter periods of time, has also led to flash flooding in some eastern states coastal areas including Sydney.

McIntosh and Sons dealer principal at Dalby, Cam Jordan, said the recent rain has transformed the area.

"There is no comparison between this place three weeks ago and today," Jordan said.

"We have received about 200mm in the past three weeks and 70mm in the past three days. We had 160mm for the whole of last year."

Jordan said the rain had resulted in some much-needed cropping activity, including sowing mungbeans and sorghum for forage and seed.

"You wouldn't believe the turnaround. There are some very good signs now for winter plantings."

Social media has seen plenty of activity with reports of rainfall including 87mm at Narrabri, NSW, on Sunday, while Peter Waddell from Toowoomba West, posted he had received 150mm for the year-to-date.

Martin Oppenheimer from the New England region of NSW reported he received more rain in the past 40 days than for all of 2019.

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