Bourgault boosts range which includes ParaLink Coulter Drills

3820 PCD

Bourgault boosts range which includes ParaLink Coulter Drills

Bourgault has a history of producing robust disc machines for the Australian market. The 3710 and later, 3720 have been proven performers in Australia's tough conditions for nearly 10 years now. With the recent release of the 3820, the Canadian manufacturer has increased its range and further cemented its reputation as one of the most durable disc seeder manufacturers in the world.

3820 PCD

The 3820 range of single-disc seeders use the new PLR™ (ParaLink™ Row) Opener, a newly designed single-disc opener, utilising hydraulic downforce and parallel arms for increased travel, penetration and seed depth consistency.

Australian farmers are well aware of the benefits and importance of accurate seed placement. Bourgault's new PLR™ opener uses a single gauge wheel running alongside the disc, similar to other single-disc openers on the market, to set the seed depth.

Consistent seed placement, even in undulating country, is achieved through the combination of 510mm of travel and hydraulic down-pressure on each individual opener.

This ParaLink™ opener system is unique to Bourgault and provides farmers with the most precise seed placement control of any disc seeder.

Further control of the seed placement can be attained with the optional PackMaster™ feature.

As the ground conditions vary, the amount of hydraulic pressure applied to the circuit is automatically adjusted, maintaining uniform field penetration across the paddock.

A load-cell on the disc hub shaft reads the down-pressure the opener is putting onto the ground, providing a feed-back loop for the opener hydraulic circuit.

Good seed-soil contact for a fast and even germination is secured with a rubber seed-firming wheel followed by a large semi-pneumatic press wheel. Adjustment of the packing pressure comes from a heavy duty torsion spring.




Contact: Bourgault's new PLR opener ensures good seed to soil contact.

Low wear

Repairs and maintenance costs are always at the forefront of disc machine operator's minds. Farmers can spend more time seeding and less time in the workshop with Bourgault's new PLR opener's robust, low wear design and low 250 hour grease intervals.

The PLR's independent hydraulic downforce system removes excess movement out of the operation of the unit. Designs using springs tend to bounce and vibrate when travelling over rough or uneven ground, but the PLR's hydraulic cylinder on each opener reduces the vibrations, resulting in less wear and tear on the unit.

With hydraulic downforce and a compound angle on the large 20.5" disc, the PLR Opener has plenty of power to penetrate the toughest of ground conditions.

3720 PCD

The 3720 disc seeder is equipped with the ParaLink™ Walking (PLW) axle Opener. Fitted with a parallel linkage and over 400mm of travel, the PLW opener provides accurate seed placement at a consistent depth even in undulating country.

The walking axle design splits the opener downforce, one third at the cleaner wheel and two thirds at the packer wheel. When obstacles are encountered, the vertical movement of the coulter is reduced by approximately half due to the walking axle motion, resulting in consistent seed depth when following uneven ground and paddocks with a rough finish.

There are two seed boot options for the PLW opener: the standard LDx™ Low Disturbance Scraper and the Disk Wing™ Scraper.

The narrow profile of the low disturbance scraper results in minimal soil disturbance, retaining moisture and allowing a quick germination.

The Disk Wing Scraper is designed to reduce hair-pinning, while separating the seed and fertiliser. Fertiliser is placed at the bottom of the furrow, with the seed being placed out the ‘wing' on a shelf, above and to the side of the fertiliser.

The 3720 PCD is also compatible with Bourgault's PackMaster feature, providing a uniform field finish to ensure the most even germination you can get.


Penetrating tough soil conditions is no trouble for the heavy-duty disc unit. Made of cast steel and weighing approximately 110kg, with a heavy-duty frame and compound angle on the disk, the PLW has been designed to handle tough conditions.

Similar to the PLR Opener, hydraulic actuation, robust design and low 250 hour grease intervals keep you out of the workshop and sowing for longer.

Both the 3820 and 3720 Series comes in sizes from 30 feet (9m), up to 70 feet (21m), with row-spacings of 7.5" (190mm), 10" (254mm) and 12" (305mm).

The PLR and PLW Openers are also available on the FMS range of compact seeders.


Open for seeding: Bourgault's new PLR opener uses a single gauge wheel running alongside the disc to set the seed depth.

Bourgault Australia has distribution facilities on both sides of the country in Perth, Western Australia and Albury, New South Wales, showing a strong commitment to providing top quality after-sales support and back-up across the country.

Bourgault Australia welcomes interested people to visit these facilities where their knowledgeable staff can answer any questions.

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Bourgault Industries

Bourgault has been supplying high quality seeding and tillage gear to Australia for almost 25 years. The Canadian-made gear is renowned for its build quality and catering for large-scale farming.



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