Bourgault's FMS Seeders offer precision and strength

Bourgault seeding equipment has a new range of narrow transport seeders

Bourgault Australia
Bourgault's FMS Seeders offer precision and strength

Australian broad-acre farmers have become accustomed to the precision, strength and productivity of Bourgault seeding equipment over many years and now their new range of narrow transport seeders gives smaller scale farmers and contractors access the same quality features and benefits.

Designated as the FMS Series (Frame Mounted Seeders), they are compact and versatile machines, with sowing widths of 6m, 8m and 9m, and narrow transport as low as 3m wide by 4m high (4.5m high for 9m models).

The FMS seeders utilise many of the same components seen on the larger models of seeders produced by Bourgault, including the industry standard in metering accuracy, the PDM Pro hydraulic metering units. With three speeds and a variety of metering augers, seeding rates from 2 - 200kg/ha can be achieved.

Uniquely, both hoe drill (HD) and single disk coulter drills (CD) are available all of which feature independent ParaLink openers with hydraulic down-pressure that can be controlled either manually from the cab, or automatically using Bourgault's PackMaster system.

Versatility is a key component of these new machines. Seeding options are limited more by imagination than tank capacity, with three-tank metering in 4800L and 7200L capacities and optional Saddle Tank for small seeds.

Coupled with the ability to use double-shoot airstreams and Bourgault's Mid Row Banders, spreader plates or Tru-Trac Coulters, there are seed delivery options for nearly every occasion.

To further increase productivity and reduce fill times, all models can be optioned with either a BulkBOOM crane for filling directly with bulk bags, or an eight-inch folding auger.

Reduced field footprint and a stable road platform are provided by large tyre options, with either 750/60R30s or 800/60R32s and also options for 3m centres for controlled traffic operations. Optional brakes provide the added peace-of-mind when travelling on roads or in hilly country.

Bourgault Australia has distribution centres on both sides of the country, with purpose-built facilities in Perth, WA and Albury, NSW.

Bourgault is committed to supporting its products and customers can be assured that with extensive parts warehouses on both sides of the country, both parts and service support are easily accessible.


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Bourgault Industries

Bourgault has been supplying high quality seeding and tillage gear to Australia for almost 25 years. The Canadian-made gear is renowned for its build quality and catering for large-scale farming.



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