New lamb ad targets generational divide

A NEW summer lamb promotional campaign, serving topical jokes with a healthy side of satire, was launched on Sunday night with the hope of creating a talking point and increasing sales of lamb.
New lamb ad targets generational divide New lamb ad targets generational divide New lamb ad targets generational divide New lamb ad targets generational divide New lamb ad targets generational divide

A new summer lamb campaign, targeting the generational divide, was launched on Sunday. Photo Courtesy of Australian Lamb.

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Developed by Australian Lamb and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), the ad targets the ever-widening generation gap separating Australians by depicting the world with an impassable chasm that keeps each age group away from the others.

Left to their own devices, it portrays each generation as the worst version of themselves - until a lamb BBQ appears to break down the generational divide and reunites them once and for all.

MLA domestic market manager, Graeme Yardy, said: "Stereotypes would have us believe that the generations are practically different species.

"Apparently, boomers are unable to master the basics of technology while gen Zs spend every waking moment making TikTok dances and millennials spend too much on avocado toast and craft beer.

"However, there is much more that unites than separates us, and that's what this year's summer lamb campaign is all about."

"Whether it's a love of our sporting heroes or our beautiful landscapes, the best of Australia always brings us together, and what better way to break down the generational divide than over some Australian lamb, the ultimate unifier."

The annual lamb ad builds on Australia's rising appetite for lamb, which has seen shoppers increase lamb purchases as retail prices for beef and lamb fall.

Data from NielsenIQ HomeScan from December last year, shows a 17.5 per cent reduction in the price consumers are paying for lamb compared to a year ago, which supported a 22.9 per cent increase in volume of lamb purchased at the cash register.

The full-length ad premiered during the evening news of Seven and Nine on Sunday, followed by a rollout across free to air and subscription TV nationally. It will also be seen across TV, online, catch-up TV, paid social and retail out-of-home channels.

Watch the full 2024 Summer Lamb Campaign ad here.

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