Tell us what to research in 2021-22

HERE's your opportunity to let us know what you want us to research over the next 12 months.
Tell us what to research in 2021-22 Tell us what to research in 2021-22 Tell us what to research in 2021-22 Tell us what to research in 2021-22 Tell us what to research in 2021-22

Help direct our independent research agenda by telling us what you want us to work on over the next 12-months via the NAS.

Kondinin Group's National Agricultural Survey (NAS) guides much of the research work we do and enables farmers to direct our research agenda.

Our annual NAS is now live and we would like you to help us help you by taking the time to fill it in. It will take about 10 minutes in its newly trimmed-up format.

It can be filled in at 

Alternatively, Kondinin Group members will have seen a hardcopy questionnaire stuck to the front of their April Farming Ahead magazine which they can fill in and post back to us. 

Data collated through the NAS guides us as to what readers want us to research. We take your suggestions and feedback seriously.

Our research program is a direct result of what you have told us you wanted when filling in the NAS.

We also want to hear what we can do better, how we can improve Farming Ahead to better suit your farming business.

We have refined the NAS questions to make them as simple as possible to answer with multiple choice answers and tick-boxes wherever we can.

If making sure we know what you need isn't incentive enough, we will be giving away five free memberships randomly selected across the country to those who fill in the NAS.

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