Couple-up: Grease gun couplings are a constant source of frustration for farmers, but fortunately there is a range of aftermarket couplings which can be used in place. This month we look at a range of different couplings and attachments for greasing equipment. Photo: Josh Giumelli.

WORKSHOP: Handy attachments for tricky nipples

Kondinin researcher, Josh Giumelli, looks at a range of greasing attachments.

15 February 2024

 Peak farming bodies want more information on adjustments to the controversial biosecurity levy. Photo: Ben White.

Biosecurity levy adjusted but questions remain

Industry leaders are calling for clarity on changes to a proposed biosecurity levy.

14 February 2024

 Shadow minister for agriculture, Colin de Grussa, said the circumstances following the decision to return the vessel is “either an act of breathtaking incompetence, or cynical political opportunism”, and the responsibility must fall with Murray Watt. Photo credit: The Nationals WA.

Calls for Watt to be sacked over MV Bahijah debacle

The circumstances following the decision to return the MV Bahijah labelled an "absolute disgrace".

12 February 2024

 Rabobank predicts a strong year ahead. Picture Mark Saunders.

Rabobank predicts a strong year for ag

Rabobank predicts a strong year for the Australian ag sector, but global challenges will continue.

02 February 2024

 Peter Hayman (left), Mariano Cossani, Glenn McDonald and Victor Sadras are among the authors of the new manual. Photo: GRDC

New guide released on water use for dryland cropping

The new guide provides information on crop water use and improving water use efficiency.

31 January 2024

 Recent wet weather could accelerate the spread of fire ants. Photo courtesy of Invasive Species Council.

Fire ants fuelled by wild weather, Council warns

Warning on fire ants issued by Invasive Species Council

19 January 2024

 MIG mastery: MIG welding is a great process for a range of farm repairs and fabrication. But MIG welding is far more than simply pointing the torch and pulling the trigger. There are distinct differences in which metal is transferred from the torch to the work. Understanding these metal transfer modes can only improve your MIG welding. Photo: Ben White.

WORKSHOP: Metal transfer modes for MIG welding

Josh Giumelli looks at MIG welding metal transfer modes.

17 January 2024

  BOM is predicting below average rainfall for most of WA, NT and northern and western Queensland over the next few months. Image courtesy BOM

BOM predicts a dry start to 2024 for north and west Australia

Below average rainfall forecast for most of WA, NT and parts of QLD.

09 January 2024


Utrisha N: The new biostimulant boosting broadacre yield potential

Extensive trials conducted across Australia show boosted yields in a wide range of


Maximise your nitrogen use efficiency

Losing nitrogen to the environment can be costly.


Safety first for the year ahead

Since 1870, Blundstone, have supported & protecting farmers across Australia from


Precise and Productive Seeding Equipment

The success of next year's harvest begins now, with strong preparation and planning.

A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the farming sector, brought to you by the Farming Ahead team.

A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the farming sector, brought to you by the Farming Ahead team.


Research Report: High Horsepower Tractors

Kondinin Group has rounded up some real broadacre muscle in this Research Report - looking at 447kW (600hp)-plus tractors.


Research Report: Sheds

Sheds play a vital role in farming, offering shelter and protection for people, machinery, livestock and valuable inputs like chemicals and fertiliser.


Research Report: Harvest Weed Seed Mills

The Report includes a round up of commercially-available batching plants as well as farmer-made approaches.


Research Report: Agritechnica 2023

Kondinin Group’s Mark Saunders, Ben White and Josh Giumelli went to Agritechnica, Germany. This report covers the key award winners from the event and some of the latest autonomous platforms displayed.