Dieci delivers two new telehandlers

DIECI has released two new telehandler models into the Australian market targeted directly at the agricultural sector.
Dieci delivers two new telehandlers Dieci delivers two new telehandlers Dieci delivers two new telehandlers Dieci delivers two new telehandlers Dieci delivers two new telehandlers

Deici’s new 40.7 and 42.7 telehandlers pack some impressive standard features, including a rear-mounted radiator and beefed-up air conditioner. Picture Josh Giumelli.

Staff writer

Kondinin Group researchers were able to take the Italian-made Agri Plus 40.7 and 42.7 VS Evo 2 for a test drive around an export hay facility, ahead of a telehandlers Research Report to be published in Farming Ahead early next year.

The smaller 40.7 (four tonne, seven metre reach) features a powershift transmission with a top speed of 40km/h, and is lighter on the frills, keeping the price down to $159,000 (including GST) for the entry-level ag market.

The Tier 3 engine produces a maximum of 93kW from its 4.5L FPT powerplant, with no AdBlue to worry about.

Hydraulic capacity is more than adequate at 180L/min. There is a focus on simplicity, with a distinct lack of electronics and digitized display screens, and even the hand throttle is cable-controlled.

The 42.7 model (4.2t, 7m reach) ramps up the creature comforts, with digitized screen and ergonomic controls, and seamless operation due to the hydrostatic transmission. The 4.5L FPT engine is tuned up to a maximum output of 114kW, with a generous hydraulic capacity of 230L/min. Unlike the 40.7 it is Tier 4F, so AdBlue is required for operation.

While the 42.7 is a larger, heavier machine than the 40.7 (8.5t unladen weight compared to 7.7t), the two models share many features worth noting. The radiator is located at the back of the machine, away from the dust and latent heat of the engine bay, and features a high capacity fan which is set to reverse direction every 20 minutes (although this can be customised to much shorter intervals if desired.

If there was any doubt as to the ability of the fan to shift air, you only need to stand behind the unit at startup. The engine intercooler and the hydraulic cooling package are located under the bonnet.

Both cabs are massive in size by telehandler standards, and the air conditioning system is Australian-designed, Italian-made, which is reassuring, being one of the more unreliable (and essential features) of telehandlers in general.

The cabin door features an electric window rather than the more familiar hinged unit, avoiding issues with it being damaged or snapped off.

Both machines feature standard hydraulic side-shift on the boom masthead, allowing hay to be packed more tightly in the shed or on a truck. Boom suspension is standard, as are 460-60R24 tyres, and fuel tanks hold 180L (40.7) and 175L (42.7).

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