New evidence on Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are now a leading cause of deaths on farms, second only to tractors according to the National

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09 MAR 2011

Quad bike deaths and serious injuries in 2010

This report focuses specifically on data involving quad bike related deaths and injuries(both on and

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24 FEB 2011

Rain heralds mozzie march

The recent widespread flooding and humid onditions have provided the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes

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01 FEB 2011

Keeping a lid on phosphine safety

Phosphine remains the most relied upon fumigant to control stored grain pests in Australian grain systems

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01 JAN 2011

Type 2 diabetes — are you at risk?

Diabetes is Australia's fastest growing chronic disease and the sixth leading cause of death in Australia.

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01 DEC 2010

Drowning — the silent killer

Farm waterholes are a favourite place to recreate for country kids, but they can also be fraught with

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01 NOV 2010

Reap, rest and revive this harvest

Growers now have their minds fi rmly planted on harvest. But before taking to the paddock, it is essential

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01 OCT 2010

The great idea bank investing in older farmers

There is an increasing trend towards older farmers working longer on farms.

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01 APR 2010

Take tapeworms by the collar

Keeping man's best friend parasite free is essential to ensuring working dogs remain in peak condition.

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01 MAR 2010

The human side to productivity

It might not just be you and your family who are breathing a sigh of relief after harvest.

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01 FEB 2010

Sweating it out safely this summer

Working in the heat of summer is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous with the risk of heat stress

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01 JAN 2010

Protect the people behind the power

In this second article on harvest safety, farm safety expert Sheryl Martin, looks at keeping the people

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01 NOV 2009

Harvest safety in the bag

Some of the most serious farm accidents involve a combination of machinery, fatigue and untrained workers

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01 OCT 2009

Blue ribbon safety

One Western australian grain grower has incorporated farm safety into his overall operating strategy

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01 AUG 2009

Medical advice online

With regional health services often pushed to the limit and the demands of farm life making it difficult

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01 JUL 2009