New project builds beef industry's leadership capacity

LEADERSHIP capabilities will be boosted in the grassfed beef sector through a new project offering professional development initiatives for current and aspiring industry leaders.
New project builds beef industry's leadership capacity New project builds beef industry's leadership capacity New project builds beef industry's leadership capacity New project builds beef industry's leadership capacity New project builds beef industry's leadership capacity

David Cussons

The $1.9 million ‘Building capacity in the Grassfed Beef Industry’ project will be delivered through the Cattle Council of Australia (CCA), on behalf of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), over the next two years.

It will include a suite of tools such as governance training for beef producers, as well as company director courses and training in communication, media and advocacy for CCA directors.

MLA Managing Director Richard Norton said strong leadership, a skilled workforce and the ability to attract the best and brightest minds to the industry were key ingredients to securing the potential of the Australian red meat and livestock industry.

“The development of capable leaders with a whole of value chain, global perspective will ensure there are highly skilled producers who can continue to represent industry and effectively contribute to policy decisions into the future,” Mr Norton said.

“While developing the skills base of the current generation, this project is also about developing emerging talent and I want to encourage the ‘up-and-comers’ within our industry to seek out these opportunities through the Cattle Council.”

CCA will deliver the project to milestones with key deliverables including:

  • 50-100 beef producers provided governance training specific to the beef industry;
  • 40% of current and all future CCA directors to complete a company directors course;
  • A review of CCA’s existing governance systems and professional advice on improvements;
  • Skills-based appointments of the two independent CCA directors by 2019;
  • Communication, media and advocacy training for CCA board and committee members;
  • An alumni of 50-70 industry leaders provided leadership and communication training; and
  • Training of a beef specific graduate in strategic policy development.

Mr Norton said the project also provided a mechanism for MLA to use CCA’s consultative committees to inform its research, development, adoption and marketing priorities – bolstering MLA’s nation-wide producer consultation framework.

“CCA is the prescribed industry organisation for the grassfed beef sector within the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act 1997 so it provides a critical forum for MLA to consult and take advice on the services that we deliver for our levy payers,” Mr Norton said.

“This new capacity building project with CCA will help inform MLA’s priorities, while also developing the skills of those committees with governance, communication and advocacy training.”

Grassfed cattle producers will be invited to apply for the training opportunities in coming months.  Full details of the project are available by clicking HERE

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