National soil moisture maps: April 2020

Excellent rains have added to soil moisture reserves in the past eight weeks in many parts of eastern Australia.
National soil moisture maps: April 2020 National soil moisture maps: April 2020 National soil moisture maps: April 2020 National soil moisture maps: April 2020 National soil moisture maps: April 2020

April 2020 plant available soil moisture

April update

Thanks to support from John Deere, Kondinin Group has engaged Dr David Stephens from Agrometeorology Australia to produce these maps for Kondinin Group members for those who are preparing or underway with a 2020 winter cropping program.

The maps produced as close to real-time after rainfall is recorded at more than 1000 real-time rain stations across the country.


Status as at 20 April 2020

Excellent rains between January and early April have primed cropping areas along the eastern north-south transect of the Australian grain-belt, from Queensland to eastern Victoria.

Soil moisture profiles have started filling nicely in the northern parts of this region.

Good falls of rain in the first 10 days of April in New South Wales provided opportunity for early seeding.

Growers in other areas will be looking for seasonal breaking rains to properly establish the winter cropping season.

Other areas in the national wheatbelt show a mixed soil moisture story with the majority of moisture stored at depth from summer rains.

The best soil moisture readings are the north central regions of Western Australia and South Australia, and central areas of the Victorian wheatbelt.

With depleted surface moisture, growers in these areas will be looking for rainfall to establish crops enabling them to tap into the moisture bank below.

These maps will switch to yield prediction in June and continue to be updated monthly thanks to continued support from John Deere.

PDF: April 2020 Plant available soil moisture

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