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 Hammer time:  The repair and restoration of older tools can be a cathartic job for a rainy day in the workshop. In addition, the quality of older hand tools quite often surpasses anything available today. Photo: Josh Giumelli.

WORKSHOP: Make old tools great again

Kondinin Group's Josh Giumelli discusses tool repairs and restorations.

08 March 2024

 Couple-up: Grease gun couplings are a constant source of frustration for farmers, but fortunately there is a range of aftermarket couplings which can be used in place. This month we look at a range of different couplings and attachments for greasing equipment. Photo: Josh Giumelli.

WORKSHOP: Handy attachments for tricky nipples

Kondinin researcher, Josh Giumelli, looks at a range of greasing attachments.

15 February 2024

 MIG mastery: MIG welding is a great process for a range of farm repairs and fabrication. But MIG welding is far more than simply pointing the torch and pulling the trigger. There are distinct differences in which metal is transferred from the torch to the work. Understanding these metal transfer modes can only improve your MIG welding. Photo: Ben White.

Metal transfer modes for MIG welding

Josh Giumelli looks at MIG welding metal transfer modes.

17 January 2024

 Grease enlightening: There is much more to grease than meets the eye. Grades, base oil viscosity, thickening agents and additives all dictate how suitable a particular grease is for the application. Photo: Josh Giumelli.

WORKSHOP: Grease is the word

Kondinin researcher, Josh Giumelli, discusses grease.

14 December 2023

 Hear no evil: There are plenty of sources of noise on the farm capable of damaging our hearing. Aside from machinery, power tools such as impact wrenches and grinders can generate significant sound pressure levels which can damage hearing with prolonged use. Credit: Ben White.

WORKSHOP: Hearing protection

Kondinin researcher, Josh Giumelli, discusses hearing protection.

15 November 2023

 Sock it to me: Sockets are arguably the most useful tools in the toolbox due to their versatility and adaptability. This month we check out a range of different accessories to expand your socket drawer and help with those difficult repairs, where it seems you either need three arms or tiny hands to reach that impossibly-located bolt. Photos: Ben White and Josh Giumelli.

WORKSHOP: Get savvy with socket set secrets

Kondinin researchers explore socket accessories.

08 November 2023

  Add-on advantage? There are a range of accessories that can be fitted to the average pedestal drill, but not all are as useful as each other. This power tapping head is great for repetitive tapping jobs, and keeps threaded holes accurately aligned.

Handy bling for the pedestal drill

Kondinin Group's Josh Giumelli explains accessories for making a pedestal drill more versatile.

05 September 2023

 Good things, small packages: The inverter stick welder is surely the Swiss army knife of welding units. Even low-cost units are capable of handling a wide range of tasks with minimal setup and expense, all in a convenient, lightweight package.

WORKSHOP: Don't disregard the versatile stick welder

Kondinin Group's Josh Giumelli looks at why stick welders are vital tools.

05 September 2023


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A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the farming sector, brought to you by the Farming Ahead team.

A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the farming sector, brought to you by the Farming Ahead team.


Research Report: Sheds

Sheds play a vital role in farming, offering shelter and protection for people, machinery, livestock and valuable inputs like chemicals and fertiliser.


Research Report: Harvest Weed Seed Mills

The Report includes a round up of commercially-available batching plants as well as farmer-made approaches.


Research Report: Agritechnica 2023

Kondinin Group’s Mark Saunders, Ben White and Josh Giumelli went to Agritechnica, Germany. This report covers the key award winners from the event and some of the latest autonomous platforms displayed.


Research Report: Fronting Up

This Research Report looks at harvester fronts including research and expertise from Kondinin Group’s Ben White, with input from harvesting specialists Brett Asphar, Kassie Van Der Westhuizen, Murray Skayman and Martin Reichelt.