Dogs' day out down on the farm

ROSEMARY Nolan captured this canine collective at the woolshed on their farm near Apsley in Western Victoria and we reckon she has done well to snap the moment before all those mutts made off.
Dogs' day out down on the farm Dogs' day out down on the farm Dogs' day out down on the farm Dogs' day out down on the farm Dogs' day out down on the farm

Ben White

There is just so many things going on in this photo that we just couldn’t resist it. 

Take for example the look on the faces of ‘Nutsie’ and ‘Pendles’, the two working kelpies on the right, who are earnestly trying to comprehend how ‘Theodore’ the miniature dachshund is ever going to cut off a wayward ewe with those tiny legs. Or Ruby the beagle who has decided it is time for this pooch to depart.

Well done to their handlers, Amelia Nolan, Tyler Atkinson, Georgia Gill and Kate Gill for keeping the troop of tail-waggers in check in between helping out with crutching. 

We also hear it was a contrasting change of pace for Georgia who just a week before was walking down the aisle for her wedding, congratulations Georgia.

Thanks Rosemary, a voucher for a pair of boots from our friends at Blundstone is on the way to you.

Now we don’t want to hound you, but if you have a great farm photo, don’t be dogmatic! Send it in to us via Facebook, on MMS on 040 111 FARM (040 111 3276) or email us at and you could win yourself a pair of Blundstone boots too.

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