Appendix A

The business case for carbon farming: improving your farm’s sustainability

Appendix A provides summaries of a selection of emissions avoidance and sequestration methodologies.

These summaries include links and references to a range of publications, tools and models, some of which we include here:

Another excellent resource for gaining a better understanding of particular methodologies and specific case studies is the ERF project register.
The CFI Act requires the CER to publish and maintain details of registered ERF projects. This register is used by buyers looking to identify possible sources of ACCUs, and is a point of reference for people wanting to buy land that has a sequestration offsets project on it so they can factor into the sale price the potential costs and benefits of the project.
Information includes the type of project, the location, the number of ACCUs, whether any units have been relinquished or if that land has a carbon maintenance obligation in place.
Visit the register here.  


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