1. Introduction: background to the business case

The business case for carbon farming: improving your farm’s sustainability

This chapter lays out the basic background and groundwork for all the ideas that are considered in more detail in the rest of the manual. The chapter sets out:
  • an overview of the structure of a business case for carbon farming
  • the basic ideas behind carbon farming 
  • a guide to the structure of the remainder of the manual.
After reading this chapter, you will:
  • have an overview of carbon farming and, in particular, the key elements of a business case for carbon farming (specific details are developed elsewhere in the manual)
  • have been introduced to the terminology used when discussing carbon farming.  
Throughout this chapter, all new concepts or terms are introduced in bold, and then clearly defined in a glossary in Box 1.2. This will help you to understand all new terms in context. We suggest that you:
  • use the charts in Figures 1.3 and 1.4 to keep track of where relevant material fits into the overall map for establishing a business case
  • use the terminology definitions as a reference point until you are familiar with the key terms.
Please note:
This manual does not provide business advice or advocate a particular course of action for farmers. It seeks to present information that can be used as part of appropriate due diligence to make an informed choice about whether to pursue this particular set of farming activities.