Common practices & technologies for efficient & sustainable grain conditioning

Efficient: AGI's grain storage solutions can provide efficient and safe options.

Common practices & technologies for efficient & sustainable grain conditioning

AGI's engineers design storage solutions with the purpose of securing the value of the stored commodity inside.

Aeration is one of the most common and safest practices available to preserve the stored grain's quality in both industrial and farm facilities without the use of chemicals.

Its proper implementation has a significant role in the prevention of kernel deterioration, and grain losses due to insect and mould infestations. Along with these, aeration also provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution that limits the risk of pests developing resistance to chemical agents and finally, can potentially improve business performances.

There is an increasing global need of energy consumption and footprint reduction in our industry and moreover, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of United Nations claims that over one third of food production is wasted every year before consumed. Thus, the importance of preserving your stored grain is critical to meet the growing global food demands. Other more specific assessments on grain storage proves that grain losses during storage are about one to five per cent in temperate climates and about 10 per cent in warmer climates.

Population increases

Population growth increases food demand and changing climate conditions are affecting the agricultural productivity worldwide.

The cereal production has always been higher if compared to the utilisation rate, apart from the last few years where the trend has changed, becoming equal or lower.

The consequence of this is a flattening of stock level trends, with a main concern that cereal bulk prices have the potential to continue to increase in the future. Finally, under investigation is the correlation between allergenic and storage conditions and treatments.

Understanding that grain losses can be reduced through proper grain conditioning and that the efficiencies of the aeration systems can be improved by provisions and best practices already available, it is easy to recognise the importance that education and training around the benefits of sustainable storage and aeration can have on global food challenges and future generations.


It is important to note that every grain system comes with unique challenges and components that must be considered.

There are many factors that must be considered to deliver the right aeration system for the project including airflow requirements and size of the system.

Portable: AGI has more than 70 years of portable handling manufacturing experience and over a century in manufacturing silos.

AGI's 70 years of portable handling experience

What sets AGI apart from their competition is their commitment to providing farmers in Australia with the right combination of storage and handling equipment to suit their specific needs. With over 70 years of portable handling manufacturing experience and over a century in manufacturing silos, AGI understands the values and needs of their farmer customers.

AGI's industry-leading portable handling equipment portfolio includes augers, conveyors, post-pounders and hoppers through recognisable brands, AGI Batco, AGI Westfield and AGI Wheatheart.

Westfield, known around the world for their distinguished bright yellow and red augers was founded in the 1950s by Abraham Plett, the owner of Pletts Industries in Rosenort, Manitoba.

With a belief in excellence and innovation, Plett started his company after learning of a failed resold auger undercarriage - and decided to improve on the model, developing the first Westfield auger in 1951. Today, AGI Westfield augers are sold to farmers across Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Batco was founded by Art Stenson in 1992 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, with a two-wheel hand cart and an unload belt conveyor. Batco's success in the market was just the beginning, in 1996, Art Stenson, Rob Stenson and Gary Anderson joined together and founded AGI. Keeping with their portable handling foundation, AGI grew over the next four years through acquisition of complementary companies, Wheatheart and Westfield in 1998 and 2000.

From portable handling, AGI continued to grow their storage, processing, and commercial equipment lines. Today, farmers and commercial operators across Australia recognize additional AGI brands like AGI Westeel, AGI MFS, AGI Hi Roller, and AGI NECO to name a few.

After 70 years, innovation remains at the core of AGI's values. Through listening to their farmer customers, AGI's manufacturing facilities and team of engineers continue to improve upon their original models and create industry solutions. It is with this core belief that AGI Westfield's and AGI Batco's portable handling equipment are still the industry leaders, from the prairies of Canada to Australia and around the world, farmers trust AGI's 70+ years of portable handling experience.


But AGI's innovation doesn't stop with their equipment. Over the last few years AGI has continued to advance and improve their service offering for farmers, with recent acquisitions of Intellifarms, Compass and Farmobile, creating their technology division, AGI SureTrackTM.

AGI SureTrackTM enables farmers to make the most of the resources they have and assists producers to manage inventories effectively. The AGI SureTrackTM technology has been installed in farms and storage facilities to enable precise conditioning of crops using aeration, fumigation, drying and rehydration techniques.

AGI is truly excited for the future and continues to move the dial forward on effective grain storage and handling solutions. With a dedication to continue to produce the highest quality equipment and offer unparalleled engineering support and services, AGI's focus remains on its local farmer customers.

To view AGI's portable handling catalog, or explore their complete farm equipment line, visit If you have any questions or want to contact AGI directly, email


AGI business started in 1983 in Australia with Westfield Augers.



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