Dunstan gets ripped

DUNSTAN had a deep ripper on display at the Elmore Machinery Field Days (EMFD) last week.

Dunstan gets ripped Dunstan gets ripped Dunstan gets ripped Dunstan gets ripped Dunstan gets ripped

Dunstan's range of deep rippers was on display at the Elmore Field Days. Picture Mark Saunders

The compact and well-built ripper is available as a five, seven, nine or 13-tine implement which can work to a depth of 700mm.

A minimum of 150hp (101kW) tractor will be required to run the seven-tine ripper Dunstan had on display at the EMFD which retails for $41,800 including GST.

Models with more tines may require up to 460kW to pull them depending on soil type and working depth. The tines are made of steel and can be manually adjusted to depth with a pin.

Depth setting of the frame is via hydraulics attached to the two rear-mounted wheels which are super singles as found on Dunstan mother bins (385/65 22.5 tyres).

Tine rows are set 50cm apart and the units come standard with a manual jack stand and a road light kit. The seven-tine model is 3.2m wid...