VIDEO: Technology Review - Cel-Fi Go

OUR TEAM of researchers spend hours every year road testing the latest technology products designed to make life in the bush a little easier.

Kristy Moroney

With digital reception a serious (and contentious) issue for all remote and regional Australians due to a lack of infrastructure, any products that assist connectivity are always of great interest.

The Cel-Fi Go repeater offers an instant solution to common reception problems, as it is mounted inside a vehicle and hard-wired to a high-gain external receiving antenna providing a connection to the nearest mobile phone tower.  

Kondinin Group General Manager of Research Ben White said this signal is then boosted by the Cel-Fi Go which also redistributes the signal via a small second broadcast antenna mounted inside the vehicle. 

“The Cel-Fi Go maximises variable boost levels through the internal antenna without interfering with the signal received from the tower with the external antenna. The device is also approved for use by Telstra,” Ben explains.

“An app, available for Apple and android devices displays the strength of signal received by the Cel-Fi Go via the external antenna and the level of boost being delivered. The boost is higher where there is good separation and no resulting interference between the external and internal antennas.”

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