Pest workshop for youth to be held in May

AGRICULTURE Victoria is hoping to inspire young people to become involved in managing invasive species at a free workshop at Melbourne Museum in May.
Pest workshop for youth to be held in May Pest workshop for youth to be held in May Pest workshop for youth to be held in May Pest workshop for youth to be held in May Pest workshop for youth to be held in May

A workshop is to be held in Melbourne in May, looking at invasive plant and animal management. Image courtesy

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The workshop is a new initiative from Agriculture Victoria's Weeds and Rabbits Project.
This workshop is aimed at anyone, volunteer or professional, with responsibilities in land or invasive species management.

This includes interested members of local communities or farming groups, Landcare, universities or TAFEs, government agencies or other non-government or not-for-profit organisations.

"We've spent a lot of time talking with people involved in invasive species management. We know everyone has a role to play, regardless of where they live in Victoria," said Established Invasive Species program manager, Michael Reid.

"We know young people are interested in invasive species management, but they are under-represented in our discussions," Reid said.

"Landscape management is an intergenerational issue, and we want to make sure young people are active participants in discussions about how to address the problem."

The workshop on 6 May will be interactive - focused on building the capacity and confidence of participants to develop youth-focused practices into their programs.

Landcare Victoria deputy chair and Corangamite, Victoria, farmer, Kaye Rodden, said boosting youth involvement was an opportunity to strengthen community-led approaches to invasive species management.

"Young people have so much to offer. They are energetic innovators and we need to inspire and empower them to be part of community-led initiatives such as this one focused on managing invasive species," Rodden said.

"A healthy, pest free landscape needs a strong resilient community, and this relies on people of all ages being engaged and involved."

The workshop at Melbourne Museum is open to people of any age, whether volunteer or professional, from across Victoria. Community volunteers can be reimbursed for their out-of-pocket travel expenses to attend.

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