Live Export ban

RSPCA has been granted access to old live export footage. Credit: Tom Dawkins, Australian Live Exporters Council.

RSCPA granted access to old live export footage

The Freedom of Information Commissioner has granted RSPCA access to live export footage from 2018.

19 April 2024

  ALEC has condemned politicisation of the MV Bahijah issue, saying any moves to use it as an attempt to further the Government’s proposed ban on live sheep exports would be cheap, callous, and cynical. Photo credit: Tom Dawkins, courtesy of ALEC.

MV Bahijah situation sparks calls to set the trade's end date

A motion was moved in parliament yesterday to set a date for the end of the live sheep trade.

07 February 2024

 Australian Livestock Exporters' Council (ALEC) has called blatant lies about the MV Bahijah issue. Photo courtesy of ALEC.

ALEC condemns live export lies

ALEC has condemned "blatant lies" about conditions on the MV Bahijah and the industry as a whole.

02 February 2024

 Cattle cohort offers $510m in the hope of putting an end to its decade long class action. Photo Pamela Lawson.

Cattle class action makes $510m counteroffer

A $510m offer has been made in the hope of putting an end to a decade long cattle class action.

06 December 2023

NFF president, David Jochinke, welcomes the WA Premier's support. Photo courtesy of NFF.

WA Premier backs live sheep trade

The WA Premier said the Federal Government should reconsider its plan to ban live sheep exports.

01 December 2023

 WA Wheatbelt towns could lose millions if the live sheep export ban goes ahead. Picture Mark Saunders.

Live sheep trade ban could cost rural towns millions

A new report estimates the proposed live sheep export ban will cost rural towns millions.

29 November 2023

 The Government is yet to release the findings of an independent panel report, which provides recommendations about how and when the live sheep export industry should be phased out. Photo: Mark Saunders.

Live sheep export industry left in the dark

Still no news on how or when live sheep export will be phased out.

27 November 2023

 Sheep and grain farmer, Jamie Spence, from Borden WA, is featured in the NFF's new ad campaign. Photo courtesy of NFF.

NFF launches live sheep export ads in Perth

NFF launches campaign to raise awareness about the potential impact of the live sheep export ban.

15 November 2023


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