Hardi adds H-SELECT option to trailed Commanders

HARDI Australia has added its advanced H-SELECT nozzle control technology as an option for its Commander trailed sprayer.
Hardi adds H-SELECT option to trailed Commanders Hardi adds H-SELECT option to trailed Commanders Hardi adds H-SELECT option to trailed Commanders Hardi adds H-SELECT option to trailed Commanders Hardi adds H-SELECT option to trailed Commanders

Hardi Australia Commander booms can now be fitted with H-SELECT nozzle capabilities. Image courtesy Hardi Australia.

Previously available on Hardi's self-propelled Rubicon and Saritor 62 Active machines, H-SELECT nozzle control technology uses four-head nozzle bodies to allow individual boom section control.

With the H-SELECT system, an autonomous controller monitors each boom section's speed against the set spray rate, then selects nozzle heads rapidly and precisely in order to achieve consistent spray delivery.

"Placement or deposition of chemical is a significant determinant of spray efficacy," Hardi Australia chief executive officer Bill Franklin said.

"In other words, predictably getting the right amount of chemical in the right place is what spraying science is all about. Achieving that with reliability is the Holy Grail for sprayer hardware.

"This is precisely why we have developed H-Select - to bring this extra precision and efficiency to our sprayers."

Hardi Australia product manager Steve Lancaster said offering H-SELECT on the Commander sprayers represents the next leap forward for the trailed sprayer segment.

"Commander has been delivering unbeatable performance and productivity to Australian farmers for many years," he says. "Adding highly advanced H-SELECT application technology to the Commander brings unrivalled precision and efficiency to the capacity and operating efficiency it is known for."

Unlike pressure adjusted systems, which affect fluid velocity and therefore nozzle performance, the way H-SELECT switches between multiple nozzles means the flow rate can be continually adjusted without ever compromising the size or speed of the droplets produced.

Droplet consistency is critical to effective crop penetration and drift control.
Hardi says H-SELECT is also free from the boom size limitations that constrain some other nozzle switching technologies and has been field-proven on Hardi 48.5m and 54m booms.

The Commander range covers capacities of 6500 litres to 10,000L. ISOBUS integration means H-SELECT operators can use the in-cab control screen to set and adjust their target droplet size on the go - adjusting the spray application to suit changes in the crop, coverage rate and spraying conditions.

Hardi Australia will deliver the first Commander equipped with H-SELECT to Young, New South Wales, later this year.

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