New apps from John Deere

IN an effort to enhance the functionality and value of John Deere Operations Centre to producers, John Deere has announced a new software release for its cloud-based platform.
New apps from John Deere New apps from John Deere New apps from John Deere New apps from John Deere New apps from John Deere

Alex Paull

The user-focused changes include more tools and features that enable producers to easily collect and access more farm information and collaborate with partners to gain insights, increase profits and direct their plans with more precision in the field.

Product marketing manager Scott Brotherton said the new batch of mobile apps were exciting.

"An important area of our focus has been on building smarter mobile solutions, and our customers are telling us that the MyOperations and MyAnalyzer apps are truly 'data made easy'," Brotherton said.

"Even after just one season of use, some customers say they couldn't imagine working without these apps."

The new tools and features include:

  • MyOperations App - Allows producers to monitor and direct many farm activities by combining current machine and operational information into a mobile-focused experience. 
  • MyAnalyzer App - Helps managers take field analysis to the next level by providing mobile access to documented map layers and farm summaries in the field and on the go. 
  • Field Analyzer Maps includes Application and Harvest Speed Maps, and HarvestLab Constituent Maps.

To get the most out of Operations Centre and the related apps, Brotherton said using JDLink Connect seamlessly connects the machine to the cloud and takes the burden of data collection and transmission off of the producer.

"JDLink Connect rounds out agronomic data with machine data to give a more complete picture of what is happening on the farm," Brotherton said. 

"With this new software release, and future ones, we are proving our dedication to building a world class, open ag data platform that will fit any producer's needs, regardless of their brand loyalty or software preferences," he said.

For more information about the new Operations Centre software release, visit the website.