Shearing sheds inspected

THE KONDININ Group research team hit the road last week and headed down south in Western Australia to inspect shearing sheds.
Shearing sheds inspected  Shearing sheds inspected  Shearing sheds inspected  Shearing sheds inspected  Shearing sheds inspected

Kondinin Group researchers have been looking at some of the latest shearing shed design innovations and improvements. Picture: Ben White.

Macey Hill

With large amounts of money being re-invested into the wool industry, many newly-built and renovated shearing sheds are popping up all around WA, with the research team being lucky enough to visit 12 of them.

The visits allowed the team to have a thorough look at each shed and yards set up and talk to the owners about what worked for them, why they decided to choose the designs they did and what innovative aspects they incorporated into their design to make the shed more efficient for shearing.

The shed designs included new innovations to increase efficiency of work and improve operator safety. Some of the design features include:

- Sloped catching pens
- Raised boards
- Windows around the shed to increase ventilation
- Insulation to keep the shed cool when working
- LED lights to improve lighting in the shed

Some of the sheds inspected also double as a machinery shed or workshop with open space at one end. The versatility of the shed allows it to be used year round.

More information and photos regarding the shearing shed Research Report will be available in the January edition of the Farming Ahead magazine.


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