New governance for sheep meat body

MEMBERS of the Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA) voted this week to adopt a new governance framework whereby the peak industry organisation will transition to a company limited by guarantee with a new name – Sheep Producers Australia Ltd.
New governance for sheep meat body New governance for sheep meat body New governance for sheep meat body New governance for sheep meat body New governance for sheep meat body

Mark Saunders

The motions were adopted at a Special General Meeting of the SCA in Dubbo, NSW, which included a new constitution and agreement for transition to occur before November 2017.

SCA President Jeff Murray said the Council regularly reviews its governance arrangements and decided SCA should refine its operations to better serve Australian sheep producers.

“This model brings a raft of opportunities for the entity such as greater engagement with producers and additional capacity for alternate funding and partnership models,” Murray said. “It’s an exciting move for the organisation as the peak body for sheep producers nationally.

“This governance review has been guided by members, who have been involved in a series of consultation meetings over the past few years, along with other key stakeholders, to determine which model would be most suitable for the future.”

SCA CEO Dr Kat Giles said the new structure will give the organisation capacity to accommodate and adapt to changes in its operating environment.

“The organisation will continue to operate under the same Objects, but will introduce a skills-based Board to ensure the best interests of the national industry are promoted. Policy committees will continue to provide policy recommendations for Board approval,” Dr Giles said.

“State farming organisations will be State Members and there will be provision for organisational members and individual members once the structure is established. The consultation process with producers and industry stakeholders has been extensive with formal governance advice received to ensure we develop the optimum representative organisation.”

“The change to Sheep Producers Australia Ltd, better reflects the role the organisation plays in representing all sheep producers in the production of sheepmeat.

The changes to the SCA constitution are aligned with the organisations’ obligations under the Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Act. This will ensure that the important oversight relationship with Meat and Livestock Australia will continue.

Meat & Livestock Australia Managing Director Richard Norton said it is critical, given the dynamic domestic and global environment, that sheep producers have a strong representative body that can drive the industry forward.