Close shave for stubble

AMAZONE has improved its Cirrus 6003-2 folding trailed combination cultivator-drill with the addition of a forward-mounted knife roller that shreds standing vegetation or tall stubble.
Close shave for stubble Close shave for stubble Close shave for stubble Close shave for stubble Close shave for stubble

Amazone has updated its Cirrus seeding drill. Image courtesy Amazone.

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CLAAS Harvest Centre product manager - Amazone, Joshua Patrick, said the unit will significantly improve the effectiveness of direct-drilling operations.

"This unit will save an additional run with a mulcher, roller or disc harrow as well as helping to preserve precious soil moisture and structure," Patrick said.

"The roller has an additional benefit in crumbling cloddy soils, which helps to increase seed placement accuracy and even crop emergence in a wide range of soil conditions.

"Effective shredding and incorporation of stubble is also an important part of good field hygiene and integrated disease management programs."

The roller features a unique chevron knife arrangement that intensively chops standing organic material at right angles to the direction of travel.

The remaining residue is then aligned longitudinally by the cutting discs on the standard Cirrus platform.

Each knife segment follows the ground contour independently, preventing lateral pull and maintaining an even cut across the entire working width.

Patrick said the unit is extremely robust and maintenance-free. "The reversible knives are made from boron steel to ensure a long operating life and the roller mounts have spherical bearings and face seals," he said.

"The knives are recessed into the round tube on the roller and the central core of the roller is resistant to the build-up of stones and dirt."

Amazone machinery is distributed in New Zealand and Australia via the CLAAS Harvest Centre network and selected independent dealerships.

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