Horsch seeder is a ripper

HORSCH has started trialling a new seeding concept with its Focus TD strip tiller. The Focus is able to perform deep ripping, levelling and seed and fertiliser placement all in one pass.
Horsch seeder is a ripper Horsch seeder is a ripper Horsch seeder is a ripper Horsch seeder is a ripper Horsch seeder is a ripper

Accurate:  The Horsch Focus is a one-pass machine which can rip, level and sow seed by singulation with rates of less than one kilogram per hectare.


Mark Saunders

And unlike other precision planters, the Focus relies on an electrically-driven singulator, not a vacuum system, to place seed at rates of less than one kilogram per hectare. Kondinin Group inspected a 6m Focus at Muddy River in Echuca, Victoria, where Muddy River’s Jan Moens said to date the concept is proving very accurate.

“We have trials running in Western Australia as well and we can get rates down to as little as 500grams per hectare,” Moens said.

“The design is tines with trip arms, then a set of levelling discs, then a row of lugged tyres for compaction and that’s followed by the double discs opener for seed delivery.”

Fertiliser placement can be adjusted up or down in the seeding trench.

A key to the Focus’ success is the singulation delivery system, which allows precision planting of seed without a vacuum. A specially designed rotating plate has four notches and the seed falls in to the notches to ensure accurate placement.

Uniform seed size is essential for the system to work and each Focus comes with a specially designed shaker box, where seed samples can be sized for consistency.

Bin capacity on the unit inspected was 2500 litres and there are two bins fitted.

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