Long-awaited shear luxury

COURTNEY ALTIS from Keith in South Australia had his work cut out for him last year when he discovered this example of an excessively woolly ovine.
Long-awaited shear luxury Long-awaited shear luxury Long-awaited shear luxury Long-awaited shear luxury Long-awaited shear luxury

Ben White

After a mammoth effort, the fandangled fleece was removed and not surprisingly, Courtney needed a well-earned break. What better place to rest his shearer’s shoulders but on the instant woollen underlay?

A great weight loss sucecss story for the sheep as well, as Courtney reckons the fleece weighed in at around 30kg. Perhaps the sheep needed to stick to a diet of more staple foods?

For relieving the shear-dodging sheep of its excess fibrous freight and recording the event, Coutney has scored a pair of boots from our friends at Blundstone. 

If you have an equally impressive photo or a picture that reflects life on the farm, why not send it to us via Facebook, on MMS 040 111 FARM (040 111 3276) or email us at contact@kondinin.com.au and you could win a pair of Blundstone boots too.

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