Tweet of the Week - March 17

Our Tweet of the Week goes to Kondinin Group researcher and resident machinery expert Mark Saunders who spotted this story in the United States edition of The Guardian.
Tweet of the Week - March 17 Tweet of the Week - March 17 Tweet of the Week - March 17 Tweet of the Week - March 17 Tweet of the Week - March 17

Ben White

“I found the article important because it raises the question - who actually owns farm machinery?,” Saunders said.

“Companies such as John Deere in the US are claiming that just because you pay for a machine, it does not mean you own it,” he said.

This is due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which covers the ramifications of circumventing software and hardware (including home repairs or modifications), even when there is no actual infringement of copyright itself.

“It makes it hard for everyday farmers to repair or modify modern machinery which has increasing amounts of software and codes in it and is only repairable by 'authorised' technicians.”

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