Turn weeds to dust

Input costs, concerns for global supply, need to control weeds look to Australian Seed Terminator.

Turn weeds to dust Turn weeds to dust Turn weeds to dust Turn weeds to dust Turn weeds to dust

Seed Terminator

Key points to get up to speed

• The Seed Terminator is a simple attachment to the combine harvester that terminates seeds before they become weeds.

• Designed by Dr Nick Berry who has spent 12 years researching and developing to advance non chemical weed control to be integrated into the harvester.

• Australian designed and manufactured technology.

• Independent testing confirms mechanical kill of 99 per cent of weed seeds that enter the mill.

• Reduces the weed seed bank so there are fewer weeds in the paddock each year.

• Targets herbicide-resistant weeds that have survived in-season control, taking the pressure off pre-emergent herbicides.

• Their longest-lasting mill components and options for high capacity to swap in about 20 minutes.

• Over 400 machines running in the 2021 Australian harvest.

• Herbicide resistance is a growing problem with 264 species resistant to 164 different herbicides in 95 crops in 71 countries globally. 

With rising input costs and concerns around global supply, farmers requiring more tools for their toolbox to control weeds can look to a proven Australian innovation in the Seed Terminator.

Also, as supply issues and input costs rise, tackling the issue of weeds being spread out the back of the harvester to grow next year, seems an obvious place to start, especially seeing as this is when weeds are most vulnerable.

When the crop is cut and the chaff and grain have been separated, the harvester flings the chaff back onto the ground. This includes the seeds of weeds that have escaped or resisted the various in-season controls. In other words, the toughest customers of all.

Peter Newman, Western Extension Agronomist shares his views: "it seems crazy that we spend a lot of time and money killing weeds all year only to reward the survivors at harvest and spread them out so we have something to spray next year."

Attached to the back of the combine harvester, the Seed Terminator mechanically pulverises the chaff and weed fraction, and kills 99 per cent of weed seeds.

"Mechanical seed control is not a silver bullet but an incredibly useful tool on the tool belt in preventing or dealing with herbicide-resistant weeds by reducing the weed seed bank," said Ned Jeffery, commercial manager for Seed Terminator, one of four chaff mill brands in Australia.

"It's about reducing the weed seed count carry over into the next season and increasing the lifespan of the chemicals," Ned said.

Proven tech

Seed Terminator has proven its technology after working closely with farmers over 900 harvests on three continents. Independent weed kill testing has also been completed several times during development, with recent benchmark studies done in 2021 confirming the highest kill rate at 99 percent of Australian Ryegrass.

Standard features include a magnet tray made of rare earth magnets, each with 9.2 kg of pulling force to keep unwanted metals from entering the mills. There are also mill escape doors and flexible flails to allow the Seed Terminator to ‘eat' and terminate stones.

With a 24-month driveline warranty and 12-month warranty excluding wear items, the Australian-made Seed Terminator is the proven solution to weed seed control.

Made in South Australia

Buying Australian-made just got better, with access to quality Seed Terminators right through to harvest.

The new Seed Terminator Lonsdale factory ensures uninterrupted supply of the proven platform offering quality, availability and prompt shipment of spare parts.

CEO Paul Sandercock said sourcing Seed Terminator components is done up to 12 months in advance.

"We're in a fortunate position to be uninterrupted by the covid pandemic interruption to supply. The consolidated distribution and integration of operations into a new facility at Lonsdale SA, with the capability of distributing up to 600 machines per annum is very exciting," Paul said.

"We now have an integrated manufacturing, research and development, marketing and visitor center - the integrated function of the facility is working extremely well."

The Seed Terminator unit can be fitted to selected CLAAS and Massey Ferguson models, New Holland CR models, all flagship Case IH models, and all John Deere S series machines. Seed Terminator has John Deere and Case IH units available now, with shipments going out across Australia daily right through harvest.

To learn more, call Mark Bastian on 0428 517 316 or visit the website www.seedterminator.com.au