Trimble Ag - revolutionising farm connectivity and efficiency

Trimble Connected Farm™

Trimble Ag - revolutionising farm connectivity and efficiency Trimble Ag - revolutionising farm connectivity and efficiency Trimble Ag - revolutionising farm connectivity and efficiency Trimble Ag - revolutionising farm connectivity and efficiency Trimble Ag - revolutionising farm connectivity and efficiency

Trimble Navigation Systems

In the last century, farming has made radical technological improvements. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and yield mapping are just two examples of developments that have helped producers make substantial gains in the way they farm. Despite these innovations, there is still progress to be made. That's why Trimble has developed several cutting-edge solutions to further improve efficiency and accuracy on the farm. Trimble's recent innovative developments include the Trimble Connected Farm®, and the company's latest portfolio additions, the GFX-350™ display, NAV-500™ guidance controller, and WeedSeeker 2 spot spray system.

Trimble Connected Farm™

Trimble's Connected Farm unites hardware, software, and GPS correction services to reshape the future of farming. The integrated farm management system saves businesses time and money while maintaining simplicity, reliability, accuracy, and proven ROI.

Farmers who are immersed in the Connected Farm ecosystem have witnessed significant operational improvements since they began using Trimble's suite of products. "The main difference, compared to when I was a kid, is technology. Technology in farming is just progressing so quickly," said Mick Hockey, who farms 3400ha in Quirindi, New South Wales. Hockey has noticed savings of up to 20 per cent since he began using Trimble products. "With the autosteer, we just love the repeatability. Being able to get on the sidelines every time is critical. With our summer cropping we really need to be on the right point." Trimble's on-board guidance displays and GPS correction services are only the beginning of the Connected Farm's capabilities.

Reliable in-field technology sets the foundation for the Connected Farm suite, and data analytics and sharing tools only elevate the platform.

The AutoSync™ feature shares guidance lines, materials, field names, and more automatically between displays and other connected devices. With this kind of solution, USB transfers, dual-entry, and human error are in the past.

For less wear and tear on equipment, maximized field potential, input savings, and precise data management, Trimble's Connected Farm suite continues the company's agricultural intelligence and innovation tradition. Learn More:

GFX-350™ Display and the Android Display Family

Trimble's latest release, the GFX-350 display, is a cost-effective way to introduce auto-steering and application control to the farm. The 18-centimeter screen is easy to read and can be used to control most field operations with just a few taps. The simple and intuitive Precision-IQ™ operating system speeds up field work and makes equipment configuration a breeze.

In addition to the GFX-350, the GFX-750's mid-level capabilities, and the TMX-2050's advanced features comprise an Android-based, high-definition touchscreen family of displays capable of meeting every farmer's needs. Paired with either the NAV-500 or the NAV-900 receiver, farmers can receive correction signals from five different GNSS satellite constellations. These well-priced precision solutions offer sub-meter repeatable accuracy and full-farm coverage perfect for tilling, broad-acre seeding, spraying, and harvesting operations. These affordable yet powerful solutions allow more farmers to take advantage of the latest precision ag technology in their daily operations.

Behind every Trimble display is Precision-IQ, a unified field application management system. Precision-IQ features downloadable apps, an easy to use interface, and full Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity for on-the-go browsing. It can now control serial variable rate implements, the new WeedSeeker® 2 spot spray system, multi-rate point ISO applications, field access paths and NH3 (ammonia) application through the Field-IQ™ crop input control system.

The simple and intuitive operating system speeds up field work and makes equipment configuration easy on Trimble's Android-based GFX-350, GFX-750, and TMX-2050™ display systems. Once vehicles, fields, implements and materials are set up during their first use, they are saved and can be re-used with a couple of clicks.

WeedSeeker 2 Automatic Spot Spray System

WeedSeeker 2 builds on more than 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry. Trimble recently released its next generation WeedSeeker 2 spot spray system, which provides growers up to 90 per cent savings in input costs when targeting and treating herbicide resistant weeds. The system has undergone a complete redesign and introduces a number of new improvements and features, whilst also maintaining the original product's popular traits.

Jonathan Bent with national distributor, McIntosh Distribution, said testing in North America, Australia, and Argentina has shown strong results with the new technology. Further demonstrations are now underway in Australia.

"WeedSeeker 2 is showing a lot faster response down to a 2cm weed target at 20km/h,'' Bent said, adding that the new WeedSeeker 2 sensors are 50 per cent lighter and now spaced at 50cm intervals along the spray boom. "There are effectively 30 per cent fewer sensors, adding up to a significant reduction in overall weight on booms, and they line up with most common sprayer nozzle spacings, allowing ease of plumbing.''

The 50cm spacing also provides for double the resolution of other systems on the market when targeting weeds. "Alternate systems have sensors spaced at every metre along booms, but if there is a significant stubble burden, the sensor light doesn't get through the stubble easily to detect weeds,'' Bent said. WeedSeeker 2 continues to use two light sources, both infrared and near-infrared, for the most accurate detection of all weeds linked to the chlorophyll present. "The dual frequency light band has proved to be important in dusty conditions and where the background can change."

Bent said a new universal ISO interface suited to ISO platforms for operating WeedSeeker 2, including rate control, steering and mapping, which shows where spraying has already been completed, is a big advantage. The new system also offers section control, weed mapping and turn compensation. Learn More:

About Trimble Ag

Trimble Agriculture is transforming the way the world farms by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds.

Trimble provides solutions that solve complex technology challenges across the entire agricultural landscape. These solutions enable farmers and advisors to allocate scarce resources to produce a safe, reliable food supply in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner.

Covering all seasons, crops, terrains and farm sizes, Trimble solutions can be used on most farm equipment, regardless of manufacturer and production year.

The acquisition of Müller-Elektronik, a German company specializing in implement control and precision farming solutions, extends Trimble's precision agriculture capabilities from the vehicle to the implement.

To enable better decision making, Trimble offers technology integration that allows farmers to collect, share, and manage information across their farms, while providing improved operating efficiencies in the agricultural value chain.

Trimble solutions include guidance and steering; grade control, water management; flow and application control; harvest solutions; desktop and cloud-based data management; and correction services - all integrated and part of the Trimble Connected Farm™.



The integrated farm management system saves businesses time and money while maintaining simplicity, reliability, accuracy, and proven ROI.