Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest

Necessity is the mother of invention: the iPaddock suite of farm innovations

Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest


With large areas of Australia experiencing a difficult harvest this year, iPaddock's new Typhoon feed drum and ingenious Twister chain tensioner for Macdon fronts are welcome innovations reducing harvest stress.

Updated for optimum feeding in all conditions, from light and frosted cereals to heavy standing canola, with enhanced adjustments and beefed up construction, the Typhoon ($5995 at ipaddock.com.au) is the next generation of iPaddock's original Turbodrum replacement feed drum design.

And the Twister, the latest invention from Esperance farmer, engineer and iPaddock founder Mic Fels, solves the final part of the problem of the drive chains coming off at the worst possible time.

"When it's 40 degrees, you're harvesting barley and an end plate breaks or the feed drum chain comes off, there's no joy in crawling around with the flies and chaff trying to get it going again when you know you could be tearing off acres," Mic said.

Out of frustration, Mic invented what is thought to be the world's first replacement feed drum for his Macdon harvester fronts in 2016. He named his invention the "Turbodrum" after videos of the first unit working on his Esperance farms went viral.

"Like most farmers, we were losing too much time with slow speeds, blockages and breakdowns from the feed drums on our draper fronts. After decades operating and modifying our machinery, I was sure I could design a better feed drum. When we were doing 11 k's in a decent canola crop on spray tracks, I knew I had hit on something big."

iPaddock has recently appointed a new manufacturer, and the all new Typhoon feed drum has a raft of changes, all based on Mic's experiences operating his four Macdon fronts, combined with extensive farmer and dealer feedback.

The most common request was for a fast and simple timing adjuster, and the buffed stainless steel quick-set system on the new Typhoon looks great and ticks all the boxes.

Now the retractable fingers can be set anywhere within a range of 150 degrees in just seconds, with a numbered indicator for repeatable adjustment for different crops and conditions. Dealers especially will appreciate this feature, when setting up and supporting the new units.

Internally, the Typhoon structure now uses heavy plate steel, the crankshaft is precision aligned, and even the retractable finger guides have been replaced with a durable two-piece unit. To ensure there is no mistaking the Typhoon in the market place, it is now finished in iPaddock green - a hardened, two pack paint finish.

Twist it

Perhaps the most exciting news of all will be the unveiling of Mic's latest invention, the iPaddock Twister chain tensioner for the feed drum drive chain on Macdon fronts, now available at ipaddock.com.au for just $149 including GST, and included free with every Typhoon for the 2019 harvest. 

Designed to solve the frustrating issue of the feed drum drive chain jumping off, iPaddock's patent-pending, cam-shaped Twister means that you can now set the chain tension precisely, just by rotating the Twister in your hand. As soon as the nut is tightened however, the same cam profile locks the tensioner in place.

The best part is that the Twister simply bolts to the existing drive chain tension sprocket, with no welding, drilling or cutting needed.

"iPaddock is re-entering the market with the Typhoon and Twister because we are farmers, we talk to farmers, and we know the problems out here. We are absolutely clear on the quality and performance that farmers like me expect out of our technology and machinery. That's the whole reason I started iPaddock in the first place," Mic said.

All iPaddock products, including the Typhoon and Twister, are distributed exclusively through the ipaddock.com.au online store, and through iPaddock authorised dealers across Australia.

With open visibility of stock availability, farmers can confidently buy direct from ipaddock.com.au at any time of day or night. Any in-stock item is dispatched immediately after confirmation, and the transaction is simple with credit card and even Paypal options.

Mic said that he has appreciated the support from dealers across Australia, and invites new dealers to set up a wholesale account with iPaddock using the fast online process at ipaddock.com.au.

An attractive dealer package is available for these products which are built, tried and tested in the real world by real farmers.

More information:

For any more information about the Typhoon, Twister and other iPaddock innovations, call iPaddock direct on 1300 464 040, or see ipaddock.com.au.


Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest





Typhoons and Twisters touch down this harvest