Seeder bar boomspray

ANDREW HATELEY from Natimuk in Victoria has manufactured a spray boom which he uses on the front of his air seeder.
Seeder bar boomspray Seeder bar boomspray Seeder bar boomspray Seeder bar boomspray Seeder bar boomspray

Kristy Moroney

The shielded sprayer is used to apply herbicides and insecticides and helps save Andrew and his dad a bit of time on their dedicated spray rig.

The spray boom is the same width as the Horwood Bagshaw seeder (12m) with TeeJet nozzles set at 500mm spacings. 

Andrew made it mostly from steel RHS found around the workshop and he has added a home-made shield which he says is a must as the area is prone to high winds.

He has been running the shielded sprayer on the front of the air seeder for about four years now and the next improvement will be to replace the shield with hard plastic sheep yard panels.

Andrew has a couple of Workshop books on the way for sharing his idea. If you have an idea and innovation you would like to show Kondinin Group members, send it to us at, use our Facebook Page or MMS it to us on 040111 FARM (0401 113 276).

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