Barbed-wire reclaimer

In the process of getting the farm organised in preparation for retirement, NSW farmer David Butler from Ben Lomond has pulled some of his numerous inventions out of the shed ready for a clearance sale including this nifty barbed-wire winder.
Barbed-wire reclaimer Barbed-wire reclaimer Barbed-wire reclaimer Barbed-wire reclaimer Barbed-wire reclaimer

Ben White

The winder sits on an old steel wheel for stability and uses a few neoprene roller-keepers from an old washing machine which can be positioned to guide the barb across the width of the reel as needed to keep an even roll diameter. 

The replaceable timber ‘spool’ can be removed and exchanged once full. Helping David get ready, farm labourer from next door, Ian Taylor demonstrates how the unit works. 

We wish David all the best in retirement and suspect that with a little more spare time on his hands, all those good ideas he has had over his farming career may actually now get built – because good inventors never really retire do they?

Just in case, a couple of our Workshop manuals are on their way to David for sharing this idea. We are sure the clearance sale went well and trust the barb wire reclaimer fetches good money, the neighbours who ‘occasionally’ borrow it will most likely snap it up.

If you have some innovative adaptions, send them through and we will include them in this Ideas and Innovations section of Farming Ahead. Email us the idea at or send us an MMS at 040 111 FARM (040 111 3 276)

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