Deutz-Fahr opens new factory in Europe

AFTER around three years of planning and construction, tractors have started rolling off the production line at Deutz-Fahr’s new factory known as Deutz-Fahr Land.
Deutz-Fahr opens new factory in Europe Deutz-Fahr opens new factory in Europe Deutz-Fahr opens new factory in Europe Deutz-Fahr opens new factory in Europe Deutz-Fahr opens new factory in Europe

German tractor manufacturer Deutz-Fahr has opened a new factory, known as Deutz-Fahr Land.

Mark Saunders

Located in Lauingen in Germany, the 150,000 square metre site is capable of turning out about 40 tractors a day. The factory will specialise in the manufacture of 6 Series, 7 Series and 9 Series tractors.

The undercover area covers about 42,000 square metres and uses state-of-the-art technology for key systems such as painting, hydraulics, electronics and chassis tests for quality assurance.

The cost of the new facility was 90million Euros and there’s even a new customer centre which has been crowned the Deutz-Fahr Arena.

There’s also a warehouse with 4000 storage locations for large parts, and a small parts facility with 25,000 locations.

The production process uses a ‘just-in-sequence’ system for manufacturing. With the just-in-sequence approach, components are only delivered at the moment when they have to be installed on the production line.

One of the biggest spends on the factory was the 20million Euro paint area for the tractor powertrains. After manual masking (protecting selected components through targeted covering and closing off), the powertrains are cleaned by robots to remove oil, grease and contaminants.

Then cavities and recesses are blown out with specially-designed adjustable air nozzles. Two employees apply primer then a subsequent top coat is applied by paint robots.

This process guarantees that all powertrains pass a standardised salt water spray test which shows up to 720 hours without signs of corrosion. As a comparison, car manufacturers usually work with 240 hours in the salt spray test.

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