WA electronic tag discount scheme extended

WESTERN Australia’s Tag Incentive Payment scheme, which offers sheep and goat electronic identification (eID) tags to producers at a discounted rate, has been extended until the end of next year.
WA electronic tag discount scheme extended WA electronic tag discount scheme extended WA electronic tag discount scheme extended WA electronic tag discount scheme extended WA electronic tag discount scheme extended

The WA Government has extended its eID Tag Incentive Scheme until the end of next year. Photo courtesy of DPIRD.

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Over 2.2 million sky blue eID tags for sheep and goats born in 2023 have been sold under the WA government's $1.8 million Tag Incentive Payment scheme, which offers a 75 cent discount per tag.

The scheme, which aims to help producers adapt to the new eID requirements, has now be extended to black eID tags sold up until 31 December 2024.

The WA government has also announced new funding available to sheep and goat supply chain operators, to assist them in transitioning to the national eID system.

The first round of grants will support eligible saleyards, abattoirs, registered feedlots, export depots and livestock agents to integrate eID technology and equipment into their businesses.

The grants can be used to purchase scanners, readers, wands, essential tools and materials, as well as undertake limited works to incorporate the eID technology.

A second round of funding will open in early 2024 to support additional downstream providers, including other feedlots, seasonal operators, agricultural colleges and community organisations.

WA minister for agriculture, Jackie Jarvis, said the support aims to aid a smooth transition to the new national eID system for sheep and goats.

"The infrastructure grants will help livestock operators implement the eID technology required and extends the Tag Incentive Payment scheme to assist producers to continue purchasing discounted year-of-birth eID tags," Jarvis said.

"This will be particularly useful for producers sending stock to saleyards or processors, where the scanning of eID-tagged sheep and goats will commence from 1 July 2025."

As part of WA's transition to the mandatory new eID regime, sheep and goats born before 1 January 2025 will only require an eID tag if departing a property from 1 July 2026 onwards. 

Sheep and goats born from 1 January 2025 will require an eID tag when leaving the property, or when they reach six months of age, whichever comes first.


Click here for more information on the Tag Incentive Payment, eID Infrastructure Grants and eID implementation. 

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