New app for ewe management

THE latest version of the free Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM) smartphone app is now available with updated features.
New app for ewe management New app for ewe management New app for ewe management New app for ewe management New app for ewe management

Alex Paull

The original application saw more than 1500 downloads and as a result significant feedback has been incorporated into the latest version. 

It now includes cloud capability to aggregate farm information from multiple users, new pasture assessment data to match both perennial and annual based pastures from across Australia, location settings and a new feed on offer assessment tool.

Available for both Apple and Android phones, the LTEM App is a digital extension of the popular Lifetime Ewe Management course offered through Rural Industries Skills Training.

The course trains woolgrowers to maximise productivity by accurately measuring and managing the energy requirements and inputs of their ewe flock through the reproduction cycle.

The LTEM app has directly involved more than 3000 woolgrowers, more than 8 million ewes and has influenced more than 25 per cent of the national flock.

The course was developed by RIST from the Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Lifetime Wool research project and as the major funder of the research and extension; AWI has contributed more than $12 million to LTEM and the Lifetime Wool project over the past 14 years.

The average LTEM participant manages just more than 3500 ewes and has increased whole farm lamb marking by 10%, reduced ewe mortality by 33% and increased stocking rate by 12%.

The Lifetime Ewe Management App is now available for iPhones via the App store and iTunes, while android users will have to wait a couple of weeks.