Carry stock with ease

PATON Livestock Equipment has made a Ewe Lift trailer which has taken some of the hard work out of handling stock.
Carry stock with ease Carry stock with ease Carry stock with ease Carry stock with ease Carry stock with ease

Mark Saunders

The cleverly-designed Ewe Lift is a small trailer which can be used to transport ewes, lambs and calves safely around the farm, towed by just about any quad bike (ATV) or side-by-side vehicle.

The Ewe Lift makes it easy to get stock into the trailer thanks to a smart raising and lowering mechanism which can be operated by a winch or manually. The trailer’s axle can be raised and lowered, which places the tray of the trailer on the ground, removing the need to lift stock to get them in or out of the trailer.

Simply lowering the trailer and opening the full width sliding gate means the animal can be rolled over and into the unit if needs be, making it easy to move heavily pregnant ewes or cast sheep.

The trailer can also be detached from the bike, lowered onto the ground and act as a paddock pen for mismothered ewes. The rear of the Ewe Lift has a handy sliding gate and there’s also an internal gate to keep smaller stock secure or separate while transporting. 

Paton Livestock Equipment’s Nick Luxton said there is clearly a need for the Ewe Lift, especially among commercial and stud sheep producers.

 “Farmers are not getting any younger and with the introduction of composite breeds for meat sheep, for example, sheep are not getting any lighter,” Nick said. “Aside from those factors, the Ewe Lift reduces stress on the animal and farmer and makes transporting the animals much safer,” said Luxton. 

The Ewe Lift’s tray dimensions are 1.52m long by 1.22m wide and the wire mesh cage is 80cm tall. A tow ball style hitch is standard and the trailer can handle a load of up to 300kg. The trailer retails for $2435 plus GST.

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