New video to support rabbit control

A BRAND new video series on best practice rabbit control is now available online to assist Australian land managers apply best practice pest rabbit control during autumn.
New video to support rabbit control New video to support rabbit control New video to support rabbit control New video to support rabbit control New video to support rabbit control

Alex Paull

European rabbits are one of Australia’s most costly pest animals causing upwards of $200 million in damage to the agricultural industry each year and impacting 304 native threatened flora and fauna within Australia.

Invasive Animals CRC CEO Andreas Glanznig said the online video series will sharpen up skills on how to undertake and monitor the effectiveness of best practice rabbit control techniques.

“The series includes instructional ‘how-to’ videos on rabbit control procedures such as poison baiting, baiting with biocontrol agents, rabbit warren fumigation and rabbit warren ripping and harbour destruction,” Glanznig said.

“It is important to undertake an integrated and multi-pronged approach to rabbit control as we know there is no one silver bullet solution.”

AWI Vertebrate Pest Program manager Ian Evans said rabbits drastically reduced farm carrying capacity through competition for available feed on offer.

“It is a strategic priority at AWI to reduce the impacts and costs of many vertebrate pests for Australia’s woolgrowers,” Evans said. 

“This occurs through the effective combination of community-based pest control activities, regional and national coordination of efforts and targeted R&D supporting on-ground activity. 

“This video series is an important way of communicating these significant developments.” 

The series has been funded by Australian Wool Innovation and developed in conjunction with the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre and its partners.

It can be found online via

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