Joining the DOTS

A NEW and somewhat radical farming autonomy system has been unveiled in the lead up to Ag In Motion, a key farming field to be day held in Canada in about a week’s time.
Joining the DOTS Joining the DOTS Joining the DOTS Joining the DOTS Joining the DOTS

Mark Saunders

The DOT autonomous farming system, brainchild of Norbert Beaujot who is the founder of SeedMaster, does not rely on a tractor.

Instead, the DOT technology uses a multi-purpose platform which different implements can be attached to. Beaujot has developed the DOT system in conjunction with SeedMaster sister company Dot Technology Corp.

The basis of the system is a large, U-shaped prime mover or platform which runs on four hydrostatically-driven wheels. The platform attaches to and carries various farming implements, such as a seeder, rather than towing the machinery.

The DOT platform can be controlled remotely and is powered by a 160hp (119kW) diesel engine 

The system will be demonstrated at Ag In Motion which starts July 18.

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