On farm biodigester

AN AUSTRALIAN first prototype biodigester has been unveiled by the Victorian Government and electrical solutions provider Gekko Systems who hope the technology will aid farmers by turning waste into renewable energy.
On farm biodigester On farm biodigester On farm biodigester On farm biodigester On farm biodigester

Left to right: Gekko's General Manager BiogasTechnology Group Tony Stone, Gekko's Managing Director Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan and Gekko's Group Manager Innovation, Collaboration and Research Richard Goldberg.

Kristy Moroney

The custom engineered shipping container converts bio waste into gas, electricity and odour free fertiliser. 

For many mixed livestock and cropping producers, this will mean a waste disposal system that reduces their carbon footprint, saves money on electricity and provides a nutrient rich fertiliser.

Gekko Systems technical director Sandy Gray said the company was excited to apply the skills of the team in regional Victoria to a problem that the whole of Australia is facing - electricity.

“The fact that our prototype also deals with waste disposal which is another challenge Australia is grappling with, is a strong indicator that clever solutions can be created locally,” Gray said.

The technology design and development of the biodigester is the result of collaboration between Gekko Systems and a piggery in Ballarat who have operated a biodigester for a number of years to optimise treatment efficiency. 

The first unit will be installed at a Bungaree Dairy Farm in mid-2017.

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