VIDEO: Custom inserts for tidy toolboxes

INSERTS for toolbox drawers serve several purposes apart from looking neat and tidy. The correct size spanner is quick to locate, and missing tools are immediately apparent as there is an obvious gap. Foam inserts also stop tools rattling around when in vehicles.

Josh Giumelli

There is no doubt that tidy toolboxes save time and frustration, but in practice, it is not always easy to achieve.

Tools tend to get purchased in dribs and drabs, with new sets of spanners, sockets or screwdrivers replacing older sets, often with bits missing. Toolboxes get upgraded, with larger units with extra storage capacity replacing smaller boxes. 

But no matter how much space we have, it never seems to be enough to lay out all tools in an orderly fashion so they can be located at a moment's notice. Anyone who is lucky enough to have spent thousands on a fully-equipped roller toolbox with moulded drawer inserts probably won't have this problem, but this is often not the case in reality.

Even a very basic set of tools can be rendered useless when the moulded tray collapses. It is a shame that manufacturers of quality tools don't invest the same value in their toolbox inserts, which often collapse well before the tools are worn out. 

But there is help at hand for toolbox trouble. If you are lucky enough to have a rainy day to spend in the workshop, there are a range of ways to better organise your tools, including custom inserts for your toolbox. They take time to make, but once done, you will wish you had done it years ago. 

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