VIDEO: Gas cylinders - we do the sums

IN THE March edition of Farming Ahead magazine the Kondinin Group researchers do the math on what is best for your on farm workshop - buying or renting gas cylinders.

Josh Giumelli

Once, there was virtually no choice for workshop gas supplies. Cylinders attracted a hefty yearly rental fee on top of the cost of the gas. Now, there are several other options, including owning the bottle outright. 

Cylinder rental fees mean workshop gas equipment such as oxy-acetylene sets and MIG welder cylinders cost money, even when they are sitting unused for long periods of time.

The likes of BOC Gases and Air Liquide have enjoyed a virtual duopoly on the market, forcing farmers to pay rent on cylinders, often at a cost of around 50 cents a day, on top of the cost of refilling the cylinders when empty.

An oxy-acetylene set is unmatched for heavy-duty cutting and heating jobs, and is a must-have for any serious workshop. But the cost of this facility starts at around $430 a year before you even consider the gas cost (E-size cylinders).

Now, there are several other options in the workshop gas market, with companies offering consumers the ability to purchase the cylinders outright, and then pay for refills (exchange) as required. 

The beauty of this system is that once purchased, the cylinders do not keep costing money if they sit idle for long periods of time. Kondinin Group researchers provide side-by-side comparisons to help you decide what is best for your farming operation.

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