Motorcycle, side-by-side and quad bike sales jump

SALES of quad bike, side-by-sides and motorcycles have jumped 24.5 per cent amid the COVID-19 pandemic and increased demand from recreational users.
Motorcycle, side-by-side and quad bike sales jump Motorcycle, side-by-side and quad bike sales jump Motorcycle, side-by-side and quad bike sales jump Motorcycle, side-by-side and quad bike sales jump Motorcycle, side-by-side and quad bike sales jump

CF Moto's CFORCE 400 EPS quad bike meets new Safety Standards for ATVs. Image courtesy CF Moto.

Mark Saunders

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), figures for the first half of 2020 showed a total of 52,838 vehicles were sold, in comparison to 42,457 during the same period in 2019.

The most popular segments of the motorcycle market were All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), or quad bikes, and side-by-sides, with a total of 14,545 sales compared to 9638 sales in the first half of 2019.

Off-Road motorcycles reported 20,885 sales in the half year, compared to 14,666 in the same period 2019. The FCAI does not provide a split of ATV versus side-by-side sales.

Tony Weber, FCAI chief executive, said the ATV and SSV segment is up a remarkable 50.9 per cent and now represents 27.5 per cent of the total market.

The popularity of these two segments is thought to be a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"People can't go for overseas holidays, and for quite some time, they couldn't even go for holidays within Australia. So, we believe that, instead of spending up big on expensive family vacations, people are treating themselves in different ways - and this could mean they are taking up new sports like trail bike riding."

There has been speculation that the sales boost was driven by a fear that quad bikes will soon be taken off the Australian market.

Manufacturers including Honda and Polaris have announced they will be withdrawing from the quad bike market in October next year, based on the impending introduction of a new Government safety standard.

The Australian Government mandatory Consumer Goods (Quad Bike) Safety Standard is being rolled out in two stages, starting this October.

However, not snubbing safety is CF Moto, which this week announced it is staying in the quad bike market and will sell quad bikes that comply with the new safety standard.

Mojo Motorcycles Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for CF Moto and has released a new 400cc quad bike that complies with stage 2 of the new standard.

Requirements under stage 1 of the standard must be met by 11 October, 2020, and the requirements under stage 2 by 11 October, 2021.

Mojo Motorcycles has stated over the next three months, it will be introducing an updated range of CF Moto quad bikes that meet stage 2 requirements of the standard.

"We want to reassure Aussie farmers that CF Moto quad bikes are here to stay," said Mojo Motorcycles director, Michael Poynton.

"By introducing a new quad bike range that complies with stage 2 of the Safety Standard requirements by October 2020, one year ahead of the mandatory timeline, shows our commitment to remain in the Australian market."

To ensure all CF Moto quad bikes are stage 2 compliant by October 2020, Mojo Motorcycles will be working closely with its dealer network to supply the required items to meet the standard, including Quadbar OPDs. This will mean that all CF Moto quad bikes sold in Australia from October 2020 will be fitted with a Quadbar Operator Protection Device.

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