DJI launches Air 2S

A new drone from DJI matches the image resolution of higher-end DJI units.
DJI launches Air 2S DJI launches Air 2S DJI launches Air 2S DJI launches Air 2S DJI launches Air 2S

Air 2S from DJI

The Mavic Air 2S, with a large 20MP one-inch CMOS sensor, is capable of delivering 5.4K resolution video.

List price is A$1699 for a single battery version or for $2099, there is the 'fly more' combination which includes three batteries, a set of filters and a carry case. Battery life is 31 minutes in ideal conditions and batteries sell individually for $199.

The larger image sensor on the 2S will provide superior performance in low light levels while the 20MP resolution matches the best of the DJO "consumer" offerings albeit at a lower price.

DJI claims the colour range is superior thanks to the CMOS sensor. Video resolution is up to 5.4K/30fps, although few are likely to have a screen capable of displaying this level of resolution.

The Air series from DJI fold up into an impossibly small package and the 2S is no exception, reducing to 183x253x77mm.

Obstacle detection is in four directions (forward, rear back, up and down) using a combination of sensors and optical detection.

Flight software packaged with the 2S should make capturing impressive video easier with "MasterShots" allowing the operator to identify a subject and let the drone circle, pan and create a series of cinematic-style video grabs which are automatically packaged. While "FocusTrack" locks on and tracks an operator-identified moving vehicle as the operator flies around it.

The standard remote controller requires the operator to clip on their mobile phone and download an app to control the drone. Alternatively, for an additional $1099, a Smart Controller can be purchased which has an ultra-bright 5.5-inch (140mm diagonal) screen offering 1080P resolution and integrated aircraft controls. The 5000mAh battery on the Smart Controller has a 2.5 hour operating specification.

DJI is offering its Care Refresh plan with the 2S for one year at $169 and two years for $279. Care Refresh offers two or three replacement units respectively, covering crashes, water damage, flyaway incidents, natural wear, and other accidental damage.

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