Heliplane v2 VTOL Drone launched

DRONE VOLT group has launched a second generation of its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
Heliplane v2 VTOL Drone launched Heliplane v2 VTOL Drone launched Heliplane v2 VTOL Drone launched Heliplane v2 VTOL Drone launched Heliplane v2 VTOL Drone launched

Drone Volt Heliplane v2

The French manufacturer of professional civil drones released a new version of its HELIPLANE v.2 drone this week.

Drone Volt claims the new Heliplane can reach speeds of 72km/h with a flight time of 60-minutes carried by four vertical motors and one horizontal motor.

The Heliplane v2 has a 2.3m or 2.7m wingspan and is 1.3m in length with a Kevlar/fiberglass frame construction.

The Heliplane comes in three versions with a range of factory fitted sensors; "Security" has a dual camera with 20x optical zoom, "Lidar" as the name suggests has a lidar sensor fitted for generating high resolution three-dimensional maps while the "Photogrammetry" version uses RTK GPS positioning with high precision RGB camera.

Total aircraft weight is 6.8-8.5kg with a maximum payload of 1.6kg.

Standard video range transmission is 500m but a 10km option is available.

CEO and chairman of Drone Volt, Olivier Gualdoni, said: "This new HELIPLANE v.2 drone should enable us to rapidly generate new sales, notably in the strategic areas of surveillance and inspection."

For more information see www.dronevolt.com

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