OPINION: Stepping it out - the hard way

Here's the wake up call of all wake up calls. My harvester is in better shape than me. How do I know


15 SEP 2011

OPINION: Hearing is believing - not always

It took me a long time to work it out. That my old man took untold pleasure, for too many years, in


14 SEP 2011

OPINION: Farmers unfairly pay the price

Here we go again. Far be it from me to join the doomsayers, but don't say I didn't warn you. While


01 SEP 2011

OPINION: Industry its own worst enemy

Baksheesh. For Baby Boomers it was a strange word brought home from various battle zones of World War


26 AUG 2011

OPINION: What happens when no one is looking

As far as Woomera and Australia's place in the space race goes, it is a quite famous phone call. I know


19 AUG 2011

OPINION: Where is Aussie wool industry heading?

Long before my mind was abuzz with buzz words, this guy I knew was intent on being what he described


12 AUG 2011

OPINION: Apps - what's in a name?

Have you heard of Viber? If you have you probably live in the city where these things seem better known


04 AUG 2011

OPINION: Stock theft - scourge of the bush

Sheep producers are singing a different hymn these days. And no wonder. Stuff the jolly swagman camped


29 JUL 2011

OPINION: Speeding - what's the point really?

Years ago when I really was old enough to know better, but had a tincture too much testosterone to have


22 JUL 2011

OPINION: The truth behind the city/bush divide

I once lived in the city. There, I've said it. It had to come out one day, so I might as well come


15 JUL 2011

OPINION: Agriculture pays for Canberra's indifference

I adored my grandma because, rightly, she heaped unreserved love onto me. It helped that she also rubbed


08 JUL 2011

OPINION: Another Australian brand up for grabs

So much is happening so fast I am getting whiplash trying to keep my eye on things. I've given up on


01 JUL 2011

OPINION: The commercialisation of modern media

Come with me while I wander, forlornly, off the beaten path for a moment. And let me ask you where the


23 JUN 2011

OPINION: Agendas driving live export imbroglio

I don't want to sound like some whacker from the bush, but I reckon there is a lot more to this live


17 JUN 2011

ONINION: Fight the good fight for rural Australia

I've got a story for you. No doubt you've heard it before, but I don't think you can hear it often enough.


10 JUN 2011

OPINION: He makes a good point

If we bow to the gods of mathematics we can explain everything. We can be as positive as we like about


03 JUN 2011

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