Lupins prove valuable as beef and dairy feed

The high energy and protein content of lupins makes the grain an ideal feed source for both beef and

Livestock General

01 MAY 1996

Trailer crutching proves more efficient

A Kondinin Group crutching trial showed trailer crutching is 16% faster than the across the board method

Livestock General

01 APR 1995

sheep management software examined

Sheep management has been neglected by agricultural software companies until recently and there is still

Livestock General

01 OCT 1994

Guidelines improve silage quality

Farmers can improve thier stock produciton by following some relatively simple management practices designed

Livestock General

01 AUG 1994

Silage proves a better option than hay

CAttle producers may be able to gain greater benefits from their pasture by cutting it for silage rather

Livestock General

01 FEB 1994

Mobile unit takes crutcher to sheep

The Power Crutch mobile crutcher allows wool growers to save considerable amounts of time by taking the

Livestock General

01 MAR 1993